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Dr. Michele Kraft is a board-certified podiatrist who specializes in the holistic treatment of foot disorders, including calluses, at Toes on the Go in Carmel, California. If you have a callus on your foot, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kraft to get expert advice about what caused it and the best options for treating it.

Calluses Q & A

What is a callus?

A callus is an area of skin on the bottom of the foot that has thickened in response to ongoing pressure and friction. Calluses generally occur on the heel or ball of the foot, and have a rough, hardened, and raised appearance. A callus is usually painless, but under constant, ongoing irritation it will continue to thicken and eventually cause pain. If a small callus occurs on the toes or top of the foot, it’s called a corn. Corns can also cause pain. If a callus or corn is red, swollen, and painful, you’ll want to see the podiatrist for professional care.

What causes a callus?

Anything that causes excess friction to the foot can cause a callus. Wearing high heels or going sockless too often can cause a callus on the bottom of the foot. Wearing shoes that are too tight can cause corns on toes or the top of the feet. Certain types of foot deformities can also lead to the formation of a callus.  Excess pronation of the feet can also cause abnormal forces on areas of the feet, causing calluses.

How will Dr. Kraft treat my callus?

For a painful callus, Dr. Kraft may administer an injection of local anesthetic before trimming the callus. Other treatments involve a trimming or shaving off the top layers of the callused skin or administering a topical medication to help break down the callus so it goes away. If a complication has developed, such as a skin infection, she will prescribe an oral antibiotic. If a foot deformity or gait abnormality is diagnosed, she may also prescribe an orthotic shoe insert to help offset the deformity and reduce friction to the affected area of the foot. For patients with diabetes or circulation disorders, it’s imperative to see Dr. Kraft for professional medical care of a callus, in order to prevent medical complications. 

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