Your health is an investment.

Dr. Kraft has made a deliberate choice to no longer contract with insurance so she can focus on patients instead of restricting care based on insurance companies. Your medical care will be from the doctor, rather than the insurance company. Being out of network allows you to have the doctor’s undivided attention and receive personalized care.

Dr. Kraft has 37 years of experience as a podiatrist, and is passionate about helping patients keep their toes on the go.

A one-time $150 booking fee will secure your appointment and be credited towards the visit. Consultations are:

New Patient: $350.00 initial consultation up to 45 minutes

Established Patient: $200.00

Toenail or Callus Trimming by Dr. Kraft: $150.00

Treatments, Procedures, & Surgeries - To be determined once a consultation is performed.

Not sure if we’re a good fit?

Schedule a 15-minute phone visit for only $50.00 which will be credited to your visit if you decide to proceed.

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