It is very important that you feel 100% comfortable with any diagnosis and treatment plan that you receive for your foot or ankle issue. This is true whether your condition is minor, more serious, or even life-threatening. If you have lingering questions, doubts, or simply want to do your due diligence in making a well-informed decision, a second opinion can be the answer.

Dr. Hofer Ogilivie is board certified with the American Board of Podiatric Medicine. She is an experienced podiatrist and surgeon who has spent nearly a decade taking good care of her patients. Her extensive postgraduate training included a 3-year surgical residency, along with fellowships in both America and abroad. She is a consummate professional and caring practitioner uniquely qualified to offer you an objective second opinion. 

After reviewing your medical history, discussing your symptoms, examining you, and analyzing any necessary diagnostic tests, Dr. Hofer Ogilivie will present you with an honest and scientifically based assessment of your condition and current treatment plan. Dr. Hofer Ogilivie’s findings may provide you with the assurance you are seeking. Or, she may have a differing opinion on your diagnosis and/or treatment options. She may suggest taking a more conservative approach, or be able to fix your condition with a minimally-invasive procedure right in her office rather than open surgery in a hospital. No matter what her opinion is, you will benefit from:

  • A deeper understanding of your condition 
  • Another podiatrist’s professional assessment 
  • A more complete understanding of any risks/benefits of your current plan
  • Another option to treat your condition requiring shorter recovery time while helping you avoid the risks and high costs of open surgery
  • Peace of mind

You may have a wonderful relationship with your current podiatrist. That does not mean you should feel awkward seeking a second opinion before committing to any treatment plan. Your podiatrist is a professional, and should understand the legitimate need you may have to get another professional’s perspective.

If getting a second opinion is important to you, we look forward to helping you in your personal process. Please reach out to schedule an appointment so you can benefit from Dr. Hofer Ogilvie’s experience, training, and professional viewpoint.

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