Why does my toe hurt?

There are many reasons why a toe can hurt. Here are a few reasons why a toe can hurt:

  1. Infection- the skin in between the toes is a moist environment, and more vulnerable to fungal and bacterial infections. Any small crack in the skin can be the beginning of an infection.
  2. Over-activity- any increase in activity beyond what your body is used to can cause stress to the joints and ligaments of the toe.
  3. Toe sprain- mechanically stubbing the toe or catching it on a piece of furniture can cause immediate pain and swelling of the toe. If the swelling persists, it can become a “sausage toe”, which can cause residual pain.
  4. Arthritis- some forms of arthritis symptoms first start in the small joints of the toe.
  5. Improper fitting shoe gear- wearing shoes too small or too large for your feet can cause toes to hurt.
  6. Tight heel (Achilles tendon) cords- causing toes to curl and become fatigued.
  7. Inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, inherited blister conditions, ingrown toenails, corns.
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